The choir was founded in 1984 in Prague by Miloslava Pospíšilová, Pavla Čeňková and Věra Jelínková. There are currently around 100 members who are divided into two groups. Children from 6 to 15 years sing in the children's choir Prážata.
The second group is a chamber choir, Resonance, for singers over 16 conducted by Miloslava Pospíšilová. The deputy choirmaster of the Resonance choir is Markéta Měřínská and the accompanist is Věra Jelínková.
The repertoire includes works of all musical periods, from contemporary artistic arrangements of folk songs to Christmas carols, spirituals, classical and popular songs and more.
Both choirs are organised under the auspices of the civic association Prážata a Resonance.


History of choir